Another yet unencoded Latin letter?

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I found this remarkable piece among other delicacies on Bernhard Schnelle’s site., where also a lowercase variant is to be seen.

Anyone helping with a codepoint or some further insights about this character –?


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Interestingly not just the same G upside down like the one three rows below.

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According to the Wikipedia entry about Eng printers used to substitute a rotated G in fonts with no Eng.

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I believe the table depicts the alphabet of the language Luganda.

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That lower-case variant is something else.

I believe James is right about it being an Eng.

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i'll third that as an Eng

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And I officially call an eng to this thread.

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Dang ambiguity.

When I said the lower-case variant was "something else", I meant it was a crazy-looking letter, not that it wasn't an eng. Sorry for any confusion.

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